Paranormal: True or False?

Sometime last year, Ryan stumbled upon season 1 of Paranormal State and we have actually continued to watch every episode since. Have you seen this show? Of course like all scare-you-shitless shows it has the element of suspense to attract a large viewing audience, but also appreciates that the “activity” could be explained.

I’ve always been attracted to the unexplained, but of course I am a huge skeptic when watching shows like Paranormal State. The first line is the founder, Ryan Buell, stating that as a child he experienced paranormal activity and has “been searching for answers ever since.” When Buell attended Pennsylvania State University, he met others that were equally interested in the paranormal and started the Paranormal Research Society. In earlier shows we’re given tidbits of information about Ryan’s past such as his involvement with cases in the Catholic Church and these cases have drastically changed his outlook on his paranormal research. I’m still baffled with several questions about the show, but recognize that it’s only a show and this has made them celebrities in the paranormal realm so what skeptical questions I have, well, doesn’t hold much.

Have you ever experienced something that defies science? I can recall only one moment in my life, but it’s not about seeing ghosts or hearing voices, no, I was more attuned to my feelings running through my veins that evening. I was young and this was my first play that I actually had a big role. I was playing young orphan Molly in Annie Warbucks and I opened the first scene in the second Act. I was standing stage right and settling my nerves, when I began to experience this horrible feeling. I began to shake and thought I was going to be sick, I just knew something had gone wrong. The music began to play and the curtain opened and I instinctly finished the show with this strong feeling in the back of my mind. Later that night I was told that my parents had to leave before the second Act because my brother had suffered a grand mal seizure.

I had no explanation, but a feeling. Is the paranormal only a feeling? Really? Can you believe in a gut feeling? And I can’t help but bring religion into this equation. It seems more times than not, the team on Paranormal State are dealing with “evil forces,” and they begin every dead time with a prayer of protection. It seems that it’s always the battle between the good vs. the evil and the client’s adamantly agree. I have yet to see a show that doesn’t revolve around a prayer and sometimes a priest. Is the paranormal merely a psychological manifestation of grasping something beyond ourselves? If one can’t cope with the possibility that nothing exists beyond ourselves, do we create the feelings that someone is watching us because that gives us hope?

I have yet to witness paranormal activity and almost dare it upon me—make a believer out of me.