“Somewhere along the line, our generation listened to the Sleepless in Seattle and the Runaway Bride philosophies that say love is beyond our control. We believe love is destiny and consists of butterflies in our stomach and passionate kisses in the backseat at Lover’s Leap. And in the process we forgot what love really is. We forgot that love is what remains when all of that fades away. We forgot that love keeps on loving even when it hurts to do so. Love keeps on loving through depression, through illness and poverty.”

Lewis once said that love is only a feeling and feelings come and go. You must learn to let go of the feeling and grasp what’s deeper. How does one know that this love is the true and life long love? It’s a choice, it’s intuition–the power of human intuition is simply knowing. Having more than the intensity of faith but loving with your soul despite all.

We are humans influenced and created by love.

I choose love.

And I choose you.

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